Album: King of the Wolves EP by Alpha P

Album: King of the Wolves EP by Alpha P
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King of the Wolves EP by Alpha P MP3 Download Zip

Alpha P aka ‘Princewill Emmanuel’ is a 17-year old rapper-singer-songwriter representing Benin City, Nigeria. He is reserved, yet audacious, bringing a refreshing, genre-blending flavor to the scene.

Alpha P’s main goal is to make music that people truly feel and connect with. He believes that his sound is universal and has the ability to reach all corners of the world. He wants to show aspiring artists that they do not have to be boxed in a particular genre to succeed, especially in Nigeria where the dominant sound is Afrobeats.

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Alpha P wants nothing more than for every man, woman, and child to sing along to his music, he believes that with hard work and consistency any type of music created by the youth has the ability to be number one. Alpha P is here to lead his pack, hence why he is called ‘The King of the Wolves’.

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Tracklist of Alpha P King of the Wolves EP

Alpha P – Fayah // DOWNLOAD MP3

Alpha P – Paloma // DOWNLOAD MP3

Alpha P – Radar // DOWNLOAD MP3

Alpha P – More // DOWNLOAD MP3

CHECK THIS👉🏿  Alpha P – Paloma

Alpha P – Tonight // DOWNLOAD MP3

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